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Have hail damage?  We can help.


Have hail damage?  We can help.


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If your roof got damaged from a storm we are in the business to help.  Right now wind and hail damage claims to residential and commercial properties tops the list of annual claims for most insurers.


Wind and hail damage is directly connected to thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes. When it comes to property damage claims, Hail damage is considered any damage resulting from hailstones and hailstorms. What size hail causes roof damage? Hailstones that are 0.75 inches (about the size of a U.S. penny) are large enough to cause substantial damage to buildings and structures, residences, automobiles & property.


After a hail storm check your roof/rain gutters. If you spot granules, you may have sustained roof damage.


If shingles are:-


  • cracked,
  • missing,
  • torn or
  • split at seams, you should definitely have a damage inspection performed
  • Leaking is a big indicator of damage.


It is advisable to get a full property damage inspection after a hail storm.


Because hail damage is particularly difficult for the untrained eye to detect, many people discover major roofing damage years down the road.  Often the window of opportunity to file a storm damage claim with their insurance company is lost.  As such the Line of Sight Rule applies. Hail Damage to roof shingles are the most common wind and hail damage insurance claims.


Hail and wind damaged roofs can lead to consequent damage claims such and water and flood damage due to water leaks, and Mildew damage, wood rot which affect structural integrity and lead to collapse or in case of a fire, total loss!


Many homeowners insurance policies have STRICT time limitation on submitting a claim after hailstorms.  DO NOT WAIT. It is in your best interest to act fast.  Call us today.

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